Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) is developing ST-MRAM technology and products that can replace SRAM (static RAM) and ultimately DRAM (dynamic RAM) in both embedded and stand-alone applications.  STT has developed breakthrough technologies in both magnetics and CMOS circuits and architectures that bring ST-MRAM to the next generation. The result:  MRAM operating speeds matching those of SRAM cache memories or DRAM — but with far lower cost, no leakage power, and without the endurance and data retention limitations of other ST-MRAM implementations.

STT achieves this with a collection of proprietary technologies, including:

  • A CMOS circuit “Engine” that brings up to 6 orders of magnitude improvement in MRAM endurance by optimizing the operating voltage of the perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (pMTJs)
  • A unique Spin Polarizer that enables higher speeds and stability of the pMTJs
  • A high-density pMTJ structure that has been demonstrated at sizes down to 20nm in diameter.

STT has assembled a team of world leaders in both magnetics and CMOS memory technologies, and has built a complete back-end magnetics R&D fab at its Fremont, CA headquarters.

Innovative circuits and innovative magnetics – STT is uniquely positioned to offer the industry’s highest-performance, highest-density ST-MRAM memories.

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