Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) has pioneered a proprietary OST-MRAM™ (orthogonal spin transfer MRAM) that offers a much higher speed-power-endurance operating point than other conventional perpendicular ST-MRAM technologies.  The result:  MRAM operating speeds matching those of SRAM cache memories — but without the endurance and data retention limitations or excessive power consumption of other MRAM implementations.

STT has assembled a team of world leaders in magnetics and memory technologies, and has built a complete magnetics R&D fab at its Fremont, CA headquarters – enabling the company to build working perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions (pMTJ’s) at sizes ranging from 100nm diameter all the way down to 20nm.

By combining the performance of the OST-MRAM with the company’s unique magnetics,fabrication, and design expertise, STT is uniquely positioned to offer the industry’s highest-performance, high-density MRAM solutions for both stand-alone memories and embedded memory solutions.

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